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PQIP News Update - 21 August 2018

Click on the title above for details of the new PQIP App, available for free now on the iOS and Android stores.

PQIP News Update - 27 July 2018

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  • Getting ready for the trainee changeover
  • New guidance on preoperative anaemia published

PQIP Newsletter - 6 July 2018

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  • Collaborative events - massive thanks!
  • Please review your PQIP team members and leadership
  • Please lock your records!
  • Annual report
  • Sharing your local data
  • Dealing with local challenges
  • Robotic prostates OUT, complex orthopaedics IN!
  • Are we collecting the 'right' data? Your chance to feedback to us
  • Improvement opportunity focus: a 'how-to' guide for managing preoperative anaemia
  • pomVLAD sub-study launches!
  • Send us your stories
  • And finally ... please tell us how to run next year's collaborative events

PQIP Newsletter - 28 November 2017

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  • Save the date for PQIP Collaborative Event!
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Site and Patient recruitment
  • Website updates and Amendments
  • Quality Improvement Projects
  • HSRC Regional Fellowships include chance to workon PQIP
  • Opportunity for Anaesthetists to attend SARS
  • Give us your feedback on PQIP News!

PQIP Newsletter - 4 August 2017

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  • PQIP Reports & Feedback
  • Site & Patient recruitment
  • Website update of Fair Processing Information
  • 6-month Follow Ups
  • Amendments
  • More to watch on PQIP TV
  • SARS call for Perioperative Abstracts 
  • August changeover - the perfect time to start a QI project!

PQIP Newsletter - 25 May 2017

Click on the link above for...
  • Important Changes to Data Entry Webtool
  • Site and Patient recruitment
  • Amendments
  • PQIP TV - and Radio! -now live!
  • PQIP Quality Improvement Dashboards
  • Top Tips
  • And more…

PQIP Newsletter - 10 March 2017

It's fair to say that February was an interesting month. The Royal College of Surgeons asked for an inquiry into provision of surgical critical care beds (the good news is that there's a study around the corner which will help answer the important questions - more on that later); human factors reached the Oscars (enough said); and... the first 250 patients were recruited to PQIP! Thank you for your support.

Click on the link above to read the full newsletter...

PQIP Newsletter - 27 January 2017

We know that things are tough on the NHS front line at the moment. So an even bigger thank you than usual to everyone who is getting started on their PQIP adventure. We're looking forward to an optimistic, positive and innovative 2017, working with you to improve patient outcomes after surgery. Here are some updates and some things to look forward to.

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PQIP Newsletter - 18 November 2016

  • NIHR portfolio adoption confirmed
  • First five hospitals have confirmed R&D approvals and are poised to start
  • New PRISM Quality Improvement and Improvement Science e-learning module launched on e-Learning For Health
  • Full PQIP live website to be launched next week
  • Senior clinical leadership gives thanks to PQIP local teams

Weekly update – 14th November 2016

  • We are open to new sites
  • We are now in contact with individual hospitals about setting up PQIP locally
  • We are now confirmed on the NIHR portfolio!
  • Check out the new QI training module on elearning for Healthcare
  • What does QI mean to you?

The HSRC and RCoA want to support you

The HSRC and RCoA want to support you in using the data you collect for real quality improvement locally: we are developing a suite of videos, podcasts, and other support mechanisms to help with this

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