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Anaesthesia 2021 PQIP Poster Prize 

Once again we were privileged to received so many fantastic submissions for this years poster competition and we're thoroughly impressed by the initiatives taking place in hospitals across the UK. You can find some of the submissions for this years competition through the links below. 

ICU Audit – Improving Communication Within the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Dr Anuja Chalishazar
Assess and Improve Quality of Anaesthetic Care Through Provision of Departmental and Anaesthetist Specific Feedback Dr Avinash Aswath
Establishing Digital Literacy Levels in The Pre-Operative Cohort in Relation to Mobile Health (Mhealth) And the Future Implementation of an Application (App) for Pre-Operative Patients Dr Chloe Short
Using Local PQIP Data in The Development Of A Regional Bowel Cancer Quality Improvement Programme Dr Caroline Thomas
Individualised Pain Management for Patients Undergoing Elective Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery Dr Daniel Paul
The BRAINS Bundle: A New Pre-Operative Risk Assessment Tool and Intra-Operative Bundle To Help Prevent Postoperative Delirium Dr Dipayan Choudhuri
Preoperative Assessment Pathway for Elective Non-Cardiac Surgery In Patients With History of a Positive SARS Cov-19 Swab Dr Feby Korandiarkunnel Paul
Restrictive Deferred Fluid Administration in Open Radical Cystectomy Dr Galvin Gan
Development of virtual surgery School due to COVID-19 and its positive impact on patient experience and lifestyle changes Dr Grace Elton
Improving the Multidisciplinary Team Management of Airway & Medical Emergencies in the New Emergency Stroke Unit at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery Dr Helen Rehill
Local Anaesthetics: Does anybody have a clue? A snapshot survey of knowledge of theatre staff Dr Huw Griffiths
QI Project: Short Acting Spinal Anaesthesia Improves Patient & Enhanced Recovery Outcomes, Patient/Staff Satisfaction and
Same-Day Discharge Rates In Urological, Gynaecological & Non-Delivery Obstetrics and General Surgical Procedures
Dr Janice Yiu
Virtual Surgery School Dr John Moore
Is this going to hurt? -Preoperative Assessment for Individualised Pain Management Dr Krisztina Kenesey
Keeping going! Over 10,000 Elective Operations During A Pandemic Dr Leonie English
Obstetric Anaesthetic Survey During COVID-19 at a DGH Dr Mariam Saghir
Gynaecology - Oncology Pre-Operative Anaemia Assessment and Treatment; A Quality Improvement Project Dr Matthew Cadd
Using the NELA risk prediction tool to identify high-risk patients pre-operatively and plan the optimum postoperative care pathway during the multidisciplinary discussion: a complete audit cycle Dr Mina Saad
Get Set 4 Surgery: The Impact of Prehabilitation on Surgical Patients Dr Naomi Ehigie
Improvement in Assessment of Frail Elderly Patients Dr Rachel Awan
What's in a name? Dr Rachel Moloney
Oxygen Cylinder Safety: Preventing Fires Dr Rebecca Powell
NICE And Warm on The Labour Ward Dr Shivan Kanani
Gaining Insights from Patients Who Died Following Emergency Laparotomy: Using Mortality Data to Inform a New Peri-Operative Pathway Dr Sarah Dawson
Peri-Operative Diabetes Management in An Adult Tertiary Centre Dr Sarah Hoskins
Patient Experience of Severe Pain: Identifying Barriers to Improvement Dr Sophie Hunter
Steroid Induced Hyperglycaemia: COVID-19 Treatment Considerations Dr Sophie Winter
Responding to COVID-19 - The Development of a Virtual Pain Management Programme for A Chronic Pain Population in Grampain Dr Stephanie Hii
The Patient Passport: Is your patient fit to 'fly'? Dr Stephen Ramage
Establishment of Virtual Fracture Clinic in Princess Royal Hospital Telford: Progress and Recommendations During the First 5 Months Dr Tahir Khaleeq
Functional Evaluation of High-Risk Patients Presenting for Surgery Dr Victoria Smith
Improving Risk Prediction in The Preoperative Clinic by Adoption of Validated Risk Tools Dr Vippin Gongireddy
Assessing Junior Doctor Confidence in Emergency Scenarios Following a Multi-Disciplinary Simulation Within a Theatre Environment Dr Vivek Vaidya
Creating a COVID-19 Perioperative Pathway Using Simulation: A Quality Improvement Project Dr Zoe Wellbelove
Compliance with fasting guidelines in paediatric patients undergoing elective surgeries Dr Manpreet Singh
Compliance with fasting guidelines in adult patients undergoing elective surgeries Dr Manpreet Singh