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Anaesthesia 2023 PQIP Poster competition 

As always we are thankful and privileged to receive so many brilliant submissions for this years poster competition and we are incredibly impressed by the initiatives taking place in hospitals around the UK. You can have a look through some of the submissions for the competition below.



In-House Anaesthetic Database Development: Data Driven Care to Improve Patientcare Daniel Lake
Predicting Risk and Post Operative Destination Planning in Colorectal Surgery Susanna Enongene
Perioperative management of colorectal surgical patients in York Hospitals Hetty Niblett

Evaluation of Remifentanil PCA Usage on a busy Maternity Unit


Chloe Thomson
Improving handover recovery Lucie Litvack
Making Individualised Risk Assessment 'Business as Usual' in Preoperative Assessment Joanna Simpson
Reducing Ethyl Chloride usage with innovative Cool Sticks Mina Arsanious
Clinical tests for confirming or excluding suspected oesophageal intubation: A diagnostic test accuracy systematic review and meta-analysis Jan Hansel
Choosing the right ‘LANE’. Dawn Harpham
An Environmental Evaluation of Volatile Gas use at the Royal Bolton Hospital in March 2022 Katharine Balfour
William Sayer
Improving Recognition and Management of IPH Claire Pollington
Monitoring and targeting Mean Arterial Pressure in septic patients in Intensive Care Unit Adebola Adewale
Pre-operative hip fracture analgesia: the case for nerve blocks - a retrospective audit and quality improvement project Alexander Churton
Paediatric MRI Scans: A Regional Service Evaluation Rebecca Powell
Epidural catheters for rectus sheath/TAP blocks vs elastomeric pumps for postoperative analgesia after laparotomies. A retrospective comparative study. Mohamed Radwan 
Empowering the MDT to assist in emergencies through the introduction of a visual aid in theatre David Haydock
CAPPUCCINI TEST: An Audit of Supervision Romana Durrani
Cyrille Cabaret
Adequacy of intraoperative patient handover Ahmed Bilal Akthar
Sustainable Waste Management in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Project Lucy Brooks
The Patient as an Advoacate for DrEaMing Rachael Brooks
Individualised risk scoring in elective colorectal cancer surgery: Why don't we do it? Michael Ayres
Collaborating to DrEaM bigger and better: The challenges in using digital data to rive quality improvement in clinical practice Rachael Brooks
Refractory cancer pain therapy with intrathecal neurolytic technique - A retrospective tertiary care cancer centre experience Alam Noor Khan
Hannah Nugent
Alokya Balagamage
Epidural blood patch demographics and outcomes: a retrospective analysis Jack Whiting
Audit of Regional Anaesthetic Practice and Safety Measures to Avoid Wrong Site Blocks at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospitals Rebecca Wilcock
Can We Improve the Experience for the Novice Entering the New Curriculum? Novice discussion topics Lisa Roberts
Improving patient flow in our cardiothoracic intensive care unit Hannah Yonis
PQIP: Increasing recruitment through improved patient screening processes Nicholas Brassington
Narrative review and MDT discussion of patients with NELA mortality <50% who died post emergency laparotomy Harry Bamber
Training for Healthcare Professionals in Midline Placement at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust (LTHT)  Nuruljannah Ismail

Impact of pre-operative anaemia on elective patients

Krishna Mehta

#CallMe Because names matter

Allan Clark
Audit on Anaesthesia for Fracture Neck of Femur Surgery Debasis Pradhan

Availability of previous anaesthesia records

Debasis Pradhan
A Bedside Equiation to Estimate Endotracheal Tube Length in Infants Stephanie Lapitan
A Qualitative Investigation of Healthcare Professionals' Perceptions, Values and Attitudes Towards Pain Management in the Intensive Care Unit (PAINT-2) Adrija Bhattacharyya
Impact of rectus sheath catheter analgesia in patients undergoing laparotomy for major abdominal surgery: a retrospective database review James Rudge
Lucinda Williams
Vanisha Patel
Introducing post thyroid surgery haematoma guidelines simulation training in University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff Owen Vale
Olivia Beesley
Kavinda Bandara
Time to VENT: A weekly, voluntary Peer Support initiative to improve colleague wellbeing and promote reflective practice Jonathan Sharpe
James Kirkland
Natalie Baxter-Evans
A Calculator: What is the optimal fresh gas flow (FGF) in Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (TIVA)? Christine Wong
The Impact of menopause on working anaesthetists - a pilot study Andrea Binks
Sips to Send' - Improving peri-operative fasting times and patient satisfaction Vincent Kehoe
Measurements of endotracheal tube cuff pressure and the incidence of post-operative sore throat Michael Nesbitt
Emma Smith
Intrauterine Vasopressin: Perturbing an Anaesthesiologist: A case report Kiran Kumar KC
Development of a peri-operative pathway for patients with Mucopolysacchariosis, cardiac disease and difficult airways using virtual reality and 3D printing Endaf Morgan
Ask an Anaesthetic: Informing parents about pain relief options in labour William Gatfield
Lawrence Armstrong
Harry O'Reilly
Timing of Antibiotic Administration in Patients undergoing Cancer Surgery
Almas Iqbal
Lighting the candle for quality improvement: The CANDLE Programme Lydia Fletcher
Eilidh Waddell
Enhanced Care Proposal for Open Elective Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair Adam Neep
Succesful reduction of prolonged fasting times in cardiothoracic Surgery Mary Madden
Virtual Induction for new doctors in a District General Hospital Rashida Lokhandwala
Kanika Daga
A study of postoperative delirium in older adults undergoing emergency surgery Nada M. Mousa
Diabete Pre-Operative Pathway: A pilot project Louise Lewis