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Data Access Requests

The PQIP team are keen for PQIP data to be used for patient benefit. A such, in addition to formal outputs by the central Project Team such as quarterly reports, dashboards etc. and our planned research outputs, we actively encourage and support external proposals for secondary research. The intended purpose of the data is to provide clinicians at participating sites with a data resource they can use to investigate, analyse and improve the quality of care of their perioperative patients.

You can apply for access to anonymised patient-level and/or hospital-level aggregated data from multiple hospitals. To do so, please read the application guidance below before completing the patient and/or hospital-level data access request forms and returning the completed form/s to

The NIAA/HSRC Data Handling Policy cited in the application form can be viewed online.

Furthermore, if you would like to discuss the data access request in advance of submitting the application to assess whether the data held by PQIP will be of use to your research, please send an email to the same address listed above marked for the attention of Prof Ramani Moonesinghe.

PQIP Data Access Information and FAQs

PQIP Aggregate Data Access Request Form

PQIP Patient Level Data Access Request Form

Applications will be reviewed at team meetings which generally take place every two months. The 2019/20 meeting dates and deadlines for submission are listed below:

10 December 2019 (submission deadline - 19 November 2019)

21 January 2020 (submission deadline - 31 December 2019)

31 March 2020 (submission deadline - 10 March 2020)

13 May 2020 (submission deadline - 22 April 2020)

30 June 2020 (submission deadline - 9 June 2020)

8 September 2020 (submission deadline - 18 August 2020)

27 October 2020 (submission deadline - 6 October 2020)

8 December 2020 (submission deadline - 17 November 2020)

The applications approved to-date are the following:

 Applicant's Name  Project Title   Date Approved
Dr Matt Oliver
Predicting outcomes after elective HPB surgery
October 2019
Dr Don Milliken Peak power output as a risk prediction and screening tool for major abdominal surgery October 2019