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Study documents

Below you will find relevant documentation for the Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme. This page will be updated as and when new documents are available and we will shortly have the full PQIP website up and running.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at:

NIHR Portfolio: 

CPMS ID 32256

PQIP Local Team Action Timeline

Data Collection Flowchart 

Data Collection Form 

CRF - word

CRF - pdf

Guide for Follow Up Calls

 6-month follow up guide script 

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (WORD - DOC)

Standard Operating Procedures (PDF)

Procedures included in PQIP

List of PQIP Procedures

Invitation Letter

Cover letter to accompany PIS if sites choose to post it out to eligible patients:
PQIP Patient Participation Invitation Letter v3 24.04.2017.docx

Health Research Authority - Ethics Approval

PQIP Research Database ethics approval letter

PQIP Patient Research Study REC Approval Letter

PQIP Patient Study HRA Approval Letter

PQIP Patient Study IRAS Form

PQIP Patient Study Statement of Activities 

PQIP Patient Study Schedule of Events 

UCL Insurance Policy

UCL Insurance Letter of Confirmation 


Substantial Amendments


Notice of Substantial Amendment 1.0

Categorisation of Substantial Amendment 1.0 

REC Approval of Substantial Amendment 1.0  26.10.2016 

HRA Approval of Substantial Amendment 1.0  27.10.2016


Notice of a Substantial Amendment 2.0  01.12.2016

Categorisation of Substantial Amendment 2.0  23.12.2016

Acknowledgement of Substantial Amendment 2.0  19.12.2016 (approval pending)

REC Approval of Substantial Amendment 2.0 05.01.2017

HRA Approval of Substantial Amendment 2.0 30.01.2017


Notice of Substantial Amendment 3.0 28.03.2017

REC Approval of Substantial Amendment 3.0 28.06.2017

HRA Approval of Substantial Amendment 3.0 19.07.2017

Non-Substantial Amendments 

Notice of Minor Amendment 1.0  27.10.2016

Categorisation Confirmation for Minor Amendment 1.0 15.11.2016

Notice of Minor Amendment 2.0  01.12.2016 

Categorisation of Minor Amendment 2.0  09.01.2017      

Notice of Minor Amendment 3.0 02.02.2017

Categorisation of Minor Amendment 3.0 16.02.2017

Notice of Minor Amendment 4.0 02.03.2017

Categorisation Confirmation of Minor Amendment 4.0 02.03.2017

Caldicott Guardian Agreement Form

Caldicott Guardian Agreement Form

Information Governance Documents

Information Governance Policy
Information Governance Procedures for PQIP

Job descriptions

Local PQIP team job descriptions


How to get involved

How to make the most of PQIP - Introduction pack for local teams

Engagement Certificate


PQIP database protocol v1.2 26072016

PQIP Patient Study Protocol v1.5 281116

Patient Forms

Consent form - PDF
Consent form - Word doc
Patient Questionnaire booklet
Patient Information Sheet - PDF
Patient Information Sheet - Word doc

PQIP Patient Study Poster

List of investigators

Coming soon.

PQIP Presentations

Introduction to PQIP for local teams