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Royal College of Anaesthetists' Anaesthesia 2019 - PQIP Visual Abstract Competition

There will be a PQIP visual abstract competition at the RCoA’s flagship conference, Anaesthesia 2019, which is being held at etc venues, St Pauls, London on 20 – 22 May. We invited entries which either used PQIP data and/or detailed projects which were based on any of the PQIP top five improvement priorities published in last year’s annual report.

We received a fantastic response to the call for submissions and were thoroughly impressed by the initiatives taking place in hospitals across the UK. The entries approved for display at Anaesthesia 2019 can be viewed by clicking on the links below, with the winner due to be announced onstage by a panel of judges from a shortlist of four finalists.

Barbara Ribeiro et al. Pre-operative Anaemia: results following implementation of a pathway

Ben Chisnall et al. The impact of pre-operative anaemia on length of stay, complication rates, readmission to hospital and death within 6 months on a colorectal patient population in a UK District General Hospital

Camilla Gordon and Raha West. Post-op pain in recovery: it's not always the anaesthetist's fault!

Caroline Martin et al. A project to improve the quality of preoperative assessment for emergency laparotomy in a DGH

Catherine McGlennan et al. Enhanced Recovery in Obstetric Surgery (EROS): A "trial of delivery" of a new protocol in a district general hospital

Fiona Osbourne and James Hutchinson. Identification and Management of Patients at High Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in the Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic

Grahyl Artis et al. An audit of patient experience in elective orthopaedic surgery receiving interscalene blocks

Helen Williams and Katie Samuel. Perioperative Anaemia Management in Severn (PAMS) Project - A Quality Improvement Initiative

Ibrahim Ibrahim and Giovanna Bonato. Pain management in Cath Lab: a survey of patients' satisfaction

Katie Horisk et al. Anaemia and Patient Blood Management in patients having neck dissections or free flaps for Head and Neck cancer

Kristanne Jones et al. QUENCH - Pre-operative fasting times in emergency surgery patients: a quality improvement project

Luke Edwards et al. The impact of a high risk pre-assessment clinic on pre-operative anaemia in major colorectal surgery patients

Marta Campbell et al. Liver Resection Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS): Utilising PQIP data to demonstrate improvement

Matt Oliver et al. Targeted enhanced recovery in major hepatobiliary surgery: Analysis of PQIP data at a high-volume centre

Matt Oliver et al. Predicting outcome after major hepatobiliary surgery: Analysis of PQIP data at a high-volume centre

Matthew Farrant and James Walkington. Enhanced recovery after colorectal surgery at York Hospital

Miriam Namih et al. Review of epidural use and management: a case series of 619 patients

Radu Chirvasuta and James Walkington. Individualised risk assessment for colorectal surgery

Ruairi Digney et al. Enhancing enhanced recovery: implementation of adductor canal blocks in patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty

Russell Biggs et al. Perioperative anaemia in elective surgical patients: an 'iron-clad' approach

Simon Wydall et al. Improving obstetric analgesia: a QIP

Varadharajan Nadarajah et al. Evaluation of the ERAS programme for elective abdominal surgeries - from a Perioperative Medicine perspective

Vivek Sharma et al. A walk-in initial pre-operative assessment clinic improving quality and saving time for surgical patients

Yeng Yap and Nicholas Levy. Utilising perioperative medicine to improve outcome for patients with diabetes undergoing lower limb arthroplasty