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PQIP News Update - 27 July 2018



Dear Dorian,

Welcome to the latest PQIP news update. In this week's update, we note the benefits of engaging trainees in PQIP as part of the upcoming changeover and point you towards our new guidance on managing preoperative anaemia.

Are you ready for the trainee changeover?

The changeover date for many trainees is rapidly approaching.

This is a good opportunity to remind trainees and trust doctors of the many benefits they can get from PQIP (as discussed in the recent RCOA Bulletin), including:
  • Access to interesting data to track how their patients do post-operatively
  • Useful educational resources including a library of perioperative literature
  • Training in QI methods
  • Opportunities to demonstrate teamwork & leadership by improving local services
  • Demonstrable involvement in QI and/or research (useful evidence for ARCPs or appraisals!)
Trainees and trust doctors can contribute by:
  • Helping to recruit patients
  • Collecting data
  • Disseminating local data by means of:
    • Presentations using ready-made local Powerpoint slidesets
    • Displaying posters using ready-made infographics
    • Circulating quarterly reports
  • Analysing local data to spot opportunities for improvement
  • Using PQIP to research ideas for improvement plans (e.g. setting up a new anaemia pathway)
  • Implementing local improvement projects
  • Presenting the impacts of improvement projects locally or at national abstract competitions which PQIP will run next year

Managing pre-operative anaemia guidance available online

Detection and management of preoperative anaemia is one of PQIP’s top priorities for 2018-19. There is a simple ‘how-to’ guide for developing an anaemia management pathway on the PQIP website. Do also look at the PQIP Annual Report and contact hospitals who are doing well with preoperative anaemia management.

That's it for now folks. Please follow us on Twitter @pqipnews andget in touch with any queries. Have a great weekend!

The PQIP Team